how we began 

Our community started quietly in basements, living rooms, libraries, studios, gymnasiums, offices & classrooms. We found space to grow and to meet regularly. Our core group formed, and although each of us came & went, we continued to find our way back to what became Sweetbay Yoga. Besides the Sweetbay classes, we started the teens yoga group called BeYummy (youth united through mindfulness, meditation &yoga), a Kiva lending team, book clubs, film nights, local and international retreats, yogathons, our own Annual Winter Bazaar, and various activities outside of yoga.


we continue to grow

Our groups are easy to get to know, and easy to be known in. We are all connected to what Sweetbay stands for: an inclusive, supportive, outgoing place to explore yoga and wellness on many levels. This has remained true from its inception. Whether you participate solely in the yoga classes, or find your way into all the activities, you are welcome here at Sweetbay Yoga.


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