how we began 

Our community started quietly in basements, living rooms, libraries, studios, gymnasiums, offices & classrooms. We found space to grow and to meet regularly. Our core group formed, and although each of us came & went, we continued to find our way back to what became Sweetbay Yoga. Besides the Sweetbay classes, we started the teens yoga group called BeYummy (youth united through meditation, mindfulness,& yoga), a Kiva lending team, book clubs, film nights, local and international retreats, yogathons, our own Annual Winter Bazaar, and various activities outside of yoga.


we continue to grow

Our groups are easy to get to know, and easy to be known in. We are all connected to what Sweetbay stands for: an inclusive, supportive, outgoing place to explore yoga and wellness on many levels. This has remained true from its inception. Whether you participate solely in the yoga classes, or find your way into all the activities, you are welcome here at Sweetbay Yoga.


We welcome you to experience Sweetbay's teachers. 

You can see from the bios below that while we range in experience, we're all committed to Sweetbay's identity:


wellness, exploration & community

Laurel Goeke, teacher & Founder


Why I practice: Yoga has been my one constant through many moves, marriage, motherhood and life itself. Practice gives me strength and acceptance of the journey as a whole.

Why I teach: Yoga is a tool to reach a shared quiet place. Each of us connects to ourselves, and opens to the world around us in a new way. Being present with others in these moments is deeply sustaining for me.

Qualifications: Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher
Teaching 2003-present
Training/ certification (Holland & India)

Apprenticeship with John Schumacher
BA Wells College, Aurora NY 
MA London School of Economics

Other: I'm especially grateful to Louise Hoyt for introducing me to Iyengar Yoga and for her unwavering support, even from far away. I've been fortunate to study with many teachers in just as many countries, including extended stays in India. The teachings of Dona Holleman, the Iyengar family, Pema Chodron and the poetry of Mary Oliver ground my practice and teaching. I'm grateful for my devoted husband Doug; three fabulous children Meryl, Bennett & Luisa; and schnoodles past & present who all inspire me daily!

Laurie williams, teacher

Why I practice: Yoga came into my life about 10 years ago at a time of searching and change. Along with it came discipline, growth and community. This practice continues to nurture me every day.

Why I teach: I teach in order to give back. I teach in hopes that I might ignite in others what yoga ignited in me. I teach because it hones my own practice.  I teach because it's fun and I love my students!

Qualifications + Other: Certified YA 200 Yoga Teacher; long-time Iyengar practitioner; certified personal trainer; Director of Wellness, Casey Health Institute; MAs in Health Education and Arts Management; former professional dancer; wife to Mark and mother to Lukas and Alec. I'm learning Mahjong with a few of my bffs!

Samjulien Carlisle, teacher

Why I practice:

coming soon


Why I teach:

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coming soon

Lisa Sidel, Teacher

Why I practice: 

Some days I go up easily into Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon): I can balance easily as I extend into the pose. Other days I need the support of the block on the floor or will even do the pose at the wall to enable that full extension. There is no right or wrong, no good or bad. It is simply what it is today.


Why I teach:
There is no bigger reward for me than seeing students, both young and old, gain
confidence as they discover new skills and abilities. We are never too old to
learn. I am grateful to be able to pass on some of the knowledge that I have
received from my gifted teachers.


Qualifications + Other:
YA 200 Yoga Teacher, Casey for Health
Long time Iyengar practitioner, Unity Woods student
Elementary school teacher, Librarian and Academic Therapist
Mom to Rachel, Anna, Ellie, Josh and furry Romeo

Kati Gimes, Teacher

Why I practice:

I was a gymnast growing up. I was devastated when I had to stop due to an injury. Yoga not only helped me heal my body but provided a very powerful tool for me to overcome my depressive tendencies.

Why I teach:

I believe yoga is a powerful way to free mind and body from self-limitations and that through practice, people can access the very essence of who they are: Happy and healthy human beings.


E-RYT- 200, Level One KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Teaching: 2004-present

Completed a structural yoga therapy course with Mukunda Stiles.

Advanced course of the American Institute of Vedic Studies on Yoga and Ayurveda.

Long-time Iyengar practitioner

Mother of two successful daughters & grandmother of a beautiful boy!


Born in Budapest, Hungary and lived half of my life there.

Ginny Strasser, Teacher


Why I practice: Yoga gives me a sense of emotional balance, physical fitness and strength, and healthy well-being that no other pursuit provides as fully.  My practice has seen me through personal illness, loss of loved ones, job changes and retirement.  I am never bored when practicing the asanas and have often wondered why.  I think the answer lies in the mind-body dialogue that the practice invites and the chance to rediscover and learn new things about myself each time. 


Why I teach:  I love teaching yoga, especially to those who are new to it, who may not yet trust their bodies or abilities, and who experience some of the limitations of aging.  I enjoy sharing my own enthusiasm for the practice and instilling in students the rewards that yoga can offer them.  I value the trust that students place in my guidance, and am always gratified by their blissful expressions at the end of svasana.  

Qualifications:  Certified 200 HR yoga instructor

Year long training at Willow Street Yoga, completed August 2014

Teach small beginner to low intermediate yoga classes in my home

Specializing in gentle yoga and yoga for seniors

Have practiced yoga under Laurel for the past 2 years

Have practiced Iyengar and other alignment based yoga for 40 years

Raina Fishbane, Teacher

Why I practice: 

I've always loved activities that keep me in constant motion, like running or tennis.  Yoga did not speak to me until I was introduced to Iyengar yoga, which I have now studied for 10 years.  I have become stronger and more flexible than I have been in years.  But it has also given me a way to quiet my mind, improve my mood and boost my energy.  The day no longer feels complete without some time on my mat.

Why I teach: 

For me, teaching is all about relationships and community.  I love how much I learn as I teach, and teaching has helped me to deepen my practice in ways I never imagined.  I have been so lucky to study with some incredible teachers and I am so grateful that I can share what I have learned.


Qualifications + Other: 

Long time intensive study of Iyengar Yoga

Going up for Iyengar certification later this year

Over one year of experience teaching on zoom

Longtime elementary school teacher

Married to Chuck, mother to Emma and Jacob

Joan platt, Teacher

Why I practice:  Yoga has changed who I am: happy, accepting, brave, patient and connected. “I meet life's challenges with an open heart”, “I am vibrantly healthy”, “I am divinely protected and guided” are all practice intentions that have become true for me through yoga practice.

Why I teach: Teaching yoga to others nourishes me. My students receive the benefits of the practice, which then reverberates manyfold with me. Developing a theme for each class and weaving it through the postures, breathing practices, mudra, affirmation and meditation, is a source of satisfaction and joy for me.



E-RYT 200 hour certification with Yoga Alliance
Teaching 2005 to present
Teaching at Fernside Rehabilitation Center, Princeton, MA
Teaching at St. Vincent Center for Cancer and Wellness, Worcester, MA
Yoga Nidra training with Jennifer Reiss
Yoga for Heart Disease and Cancer training with Nischala Joy Devi
MLS, Syracuse University
BA, Duke University

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